11. Should You Start a Video Podcast?

You may have noticed that many of your favorite audio podcasts have recently started releasing video podcasts on YouTube. We're going to talk about why that is — because there is a reason! YouTube is a massive search engine and it is one of the top ways people discover new podcasts. So with that, we're going to ask the question: Should you start a video podcast? You may be surprised by the answer!

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0:50 What is considered a "video podcast"?
2:05 Why you record video regardless
5:59 Starting with both an audio and a video podcast
7:22 46% prefer podcast WITH video
9:45 Who is doing it video podcasts well?
12:25 Releasing clips on YouTube
13:05 Not being perfectionistic
14:00 Branding your video assets

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Kyle Cummings
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Mickenzie Vought
Mickenzie Vought is an expert podcast content strategist. She is also the Producer and Co-Host of the Living Centered Podcast, a leading emotional wellness podcast.
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11. Should You Start a Video Podcast?
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