16. What is Podcast Hosting (and which platform is right for you)?

We're talking all about podcast hosting platforms! If you've been in the podcasting space for long, you've heard of names like Libsyn, Buzzsprout and Anchor — but do you know what sets these platforms apart? And most importantly, which one is right for your podcast? We're going to define what podcast hosting is, discuss the key differentiators between the different platforms and give you our top pick.

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0:51 What is podcast hosting?
2:50 What set podcast hosting platforms apart?
2:59 User interface
3:32 Intuitive functionality
5:57 Dynamic ad campaigns
6:16 The ability to post your audio episodes to your YouTube channel
7:07 Managed user access and roles
7:49 Basic podcast website
8:39 Private podcasting
10:47 Video podcast hosting within Spotify
11:18 Analytics reporting

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Kyle Cummings
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Mickenzie Vought
Mickenzie Vought is an expert podcast content strategist. She is also the Producer and Co-Host of the Living Centered Podcast, a leading emotional wellness podcast.
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16. What is Podcast Hosting (and which platform is right for you)?
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